Having trouble making a server?

February 13th, 2014 by naughtyloose

Fear not! User “Poppenboom” made a nice and simple step by step guide for how to setup a non-dedicated server for Suicide Survival 1.1.

Version 1.2. progress Update

September 13th, 2013 by naughtyloose

Our awesome modeler and mapper Clément made a preview for a new office map this week. Can you spot the suicider? ;)



Suicide Survival 1.2. should be ready for release this fall/winter 2013.

We want your ideas!

March 27th, 2013 by naughtyloose

We’re currently having a little pool on our Facebook page:

If you could play Suicider as any model in the new version, what would you choose and what would be the most fun?

Head on over to our Facebook page and vote for your favorit ideas or add your own to the pool. All silly and crazy ideas are welcome :) Thanks,
The shrub-management

First playtest? Everything went better then expected

March 6th, 2013 by naughtyloose

Hello people from the internet

Here we are with another exciting update post about whats going on in the world of Suicide Survival 1.2 development. First things first: a couple of weeks ago popular Youtube star SeaNanners made a short video of him playing Suicide Survival with some friends and ever since the popularity skyrocketed. Which is pretty amazing considering the current version is 4 years old and filled with embarrassing animation errors (PS: sorry about that). None the less people love the game which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) <3 Lets not forget that around 1 million people have heard my Yalala scream which sometimes is pretty hard to wrap my mind around.

Right, onward to more serious things. We did an internal playtest of the new survival game mode couple of weeks ago and it actually went pretty well. Thanks to Derek for coding this together. The new mode turns the game into a round based game similar to Counter-Strike. Everyone starts off as a survivor. At the start of each round one or more players will be randomly selected and turned into suiciders. If you die as survivor you’ll become a suicider. The round is over if a time limit has been reached or if there are no survivors are left alive. All of this works but we’ve a few  bugs to fix and make the whole thing more pretty for you guys before we’ll release version 1.2. Hopefully this wont take too long.

The other big news is that two new brave souls joined our team. Dear internet, please meet: Roman Schmid and, Jacob aka. Darth Brush.

Roman will help us out with the code which will hopefully raise the bar on what we can get done. This is his first time working with the Source Engine but he did a few really good flash games. Hit up his website if you want to try them out. Jacob on the other hand has a lot experience working with the Source Engine. He created the really popular Left 4 Dead custom campaign “Dead before Dawn” among other works such as Portal 2 “The Core“, Half-Life 2 “Zombie Panic” and Half-Life 2 “No more room in Hell“. He agreed to make a few maps for the mod and we’re looking very forward to that and you guys should too! :)

All right, thats about it. If you’re bored why not like our Facebook-Page and maybe next time there will be cake? Also spring is coming so it might be a good idea to trim your bushes. Just saying…

How to Download & Install – Suicide Survival (Video Tutorial)

February 9th, 2013 by naughtyloose

Thank you Scepi!

Development Update and release date for 1.2!

November 5th, 2012 by naughtyloose

Hi fans of explosions!

I’ve got some updates for you. While we’re still working as much as we can on version 1.2, Derek got the new survival game mode almost ready for testing. While Clément made some desert related assets and is currently working on a new map. Check out the following screenshots:

And I’m in the process of ironing out the last bugs of the new tool that will allow mappers to set the model for the suiciders. Which reminds me that we’re still looking for help with some new maps for version 1.2. So if you’re still unsure whether to help us out or not. Now is the time!

Additionally we now also joined the social media bandwagon and created an official Facebook page ready for your likes. We’ll use this to post updates and also to answer questions. Not that you guys ever ask me anything but just in case. Hit it up at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Suicide-Survival/217394808394119

Last but not least we would like to announce that we’re trying to finish up version 1.2 by the end of the year. Hopefully we’ll make some per-christmas release date :)

Thats it for now. Thank you for reading!

Site back online!

September 21st, 2012 by naughtyloose

Ok everything has been moved to the new server and I hopefully removed all the nasty hacker stuff. If you notice anything strange give, let me know.

Oh and the forums are back online as well! :)

On another note we’re making some progress with version 1.2 and we also have a new team member: Clément from France! He’s helping us out with some cool new models. On a final note: we’re still looking for help with making new maps for version 1.2. So if you always wanted to have your work released in a mod then let me know. It would be nice to have a few more people on the team. :)

Suicide Survival 1.2 Development Update!

July 10th, 2012 by naughtyloose

So you’ll probably thought this mod is dead and slowly sinking into the great abyss of the intertubes. Guess who’s wrong?

Remember when I started searching for someone with more experience in C++ coding then me? Well I finally found someone to help me out! Let me introduce Derek Brown, aka FingerFactor!

We secretly started developing on Suicide Survival 1.2 a few months ago and the good news is we already got one feature working. The bad news is, well actually there are no bad news because you’ll will get to play version 1.2 in the not so distant future. You lucky bastards! So let me introduce the planned features for the next release:

  • Make the suicider character model map-dependent
    This means that the mapper can decided what model the suiciders should have. Meaning you could design all sort of crazy map ideas like exploding office chairs in the meeting room, exploding rocks in the desert or exploding overweight WW2 pilots that battle against book-throwing bushes (wait what?). The sky is the limit.
    Eventually we will also make the survivor model map-dependent.
  • A new game mode: Survival
    Blatantly stolen from other mods in this game mode everyone except one player starts as survivor. If you die as a survivor you’ll respawn as a suicider until there are no more survivors left.
  • A few new sounds
  • Some gameplay balancing
  • And of course a few new maps

Here’s where all you mappers get your chance. We’re looking for a few talented people who would like to do some crazy maps for Suicide Survival 1.2. Send me an e-mail with your map idea and if we like it you’ll get access to the development build. The idea is to have a few nice maps with different suicider models for the next release. Think we can do that? I sure think we can!

We currently don’t have an release date set for 1.2. but I can say with 96.54% certainty that it won’t be released on a Monday. So sit tight and hold on to your bushes, or maybe better don’t. I don’t care.

Oh, and on a final note: If you’re interested in the development history and design choices behind Suicide Survival then check out this blog post on my personal development blog.

Suicide Survival is looking for an experienced coder

February 24th, 2011 by naughtyloose

I’ve decided to start development on Suicide Survival again. But for this I’ll need help so I’m looking for an experienced c++ coder to be part of the core development team. The ideal candidate would’ve the following features:

  1. at least a year of experience coding with C++
  2. familiar with the source engine and how it works
  3. at least 20 hours or more free time per week
  4. a dedicated worker and a fast learner

In return I can offer you the following:

  • A professional and experienced game designer to work with.
  • Work on a under-developed game that – with a little help – will sky rocket.
  • A large and established fan base.
  • The potential outlook to release the mod as a standalone game on Steam.

If this sounds exciting to you then send me an e-mail with some information about yourself, your coding experience and why you want to work on Suicide Survival. You can reach me at: hello at tobiasbaumann.net

Thank you and I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Suicide-Survival.com restored to its former “glory”

January 13th, 2011 by naughtyloose

Hey everyone, After a longer-then-expected downtime due to the site having been hacked, everything is back to normal now. I re-installed the blog and the forum and it all should work again as before the hack. If you notice anything strange or if something isn’t working please let me know.

Also apparently due to digg and reddit the mod got a lot of attention in the last 48 hours. Last time I checked there were two servers online with 10 people playing. So if you wan’t to jump in for some good ‘ol rounds of exploding now would be a good time :)

The youtube user “brudda985” made a pretty nice bird-eye-view video that captures the gameplay of Suicide Survival pretty well :) Check it out:

Thanks brudda985!

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