Site back online!

September 21st, 2012 by naughtyloose

Ok everything has been moved to the new server and I hopefully removed all the nasty hacker stuff. If you notice anything strange give, let me know.

Oh and the forums are back online as well! :)

On another note we’re making some progress with version 1.2 and we also have a new team member: Clément from France! He’s helping us out with some cool new models. On a final note: we’re still looking for help with making new maps for version 1.2. So if you always wanted to have your work released in a mod then let me know. It would be nice to have a few more people on the team. :)

9 Responses to “Site back online!”

  1. Tory Says:

    So you guys are obviously still working on this… Where are all the players/servers?? :D

  2. Clément Says:

    Weyyyyyyyyy !

  3. naughtyloose Says:

    You can easily host a server but there seems to be some problem with getting the server to show up on the steam master server list. I’ll try to find a fix for this asap.

  4. Tory Says:

    I was wondering if there was a problem like that… I can reach the USA West Coast server’s IP address, but there’s no way to join the game. :( Thank you for looking into it!

  5. Fan Says:

    Me and the guys/girls I LAN this with eagerly await version 1.2.

    I’d love to help but I’m not a modeller or a C programmer.

  6. naughtyloose Says:

    You could learn Hammer and try to make an awesome map for version 1.2. ? ;)

  7. bojangy Says:

    Hey, me and my friends try to connect via hamachi and dedicated servers but they don’t work ;_; my ports are forwarded and firewall is down when I try. Anyone can help me address these issues so that we can enjoy this wonderful game?

  8. naughtyloose Says:

    Can you make a post about this on the forum so I can address it better? Did you try using the console and the command: connect ?

  9. bojangy Says:

    I’ve posted on the support subforums. Your assistance will be of great value <3