Suicide Survival 1.2 Development Update!

July 10th, 2012 by naughtyloose

So you’ll probably thought this mod is dead and slowly sinking into the great abyss of the intertubes. Guess who’s wrong?

Remember when I started searching for someone with more experience in C++ coding then me? Well I finally found someone to help me out! Let me introduce Derek Brown, aka FingerFactor!

We secretly started developing on Suicide Survival 1.2 a few months ago and the good news is we already got one feature working. The bad news is, well actually there are no bad news because you’ll will get to play version 1.2 in the not so distant future. You lucky bastards! So let me introduce the planned features for the next release:

  • Make the suicider character model map-dependent
    This means that the mapper can decided what model the suiciders should have. Meaning you could design all sort of crazy map ideas like exploding office chairs in the meeting room, exploding rocks in the desert or exploding overweight WW2 pilots that battle against book-throwing bushes (wait what?). The sky is the limit.
    Eventually we will also make the survivor model map-dependent.
  • A new game mode: Survival
    Blatantly stolen from other mods in this game mode everyone except one player starts as survivor. If you die as a survivor you’ll respawn as a suicider until there are no more survivors left.
  • A few new sounds
  • Some gameplay balancing
  • And of course a few new maps

Here’s where all you mappers get your chance. We’re looking for a few talented people who would like to do some crazy maps for Suicide Survival 1.2. Send me an e-mail with your map idea and if we like it you’ll get access to the development build. The idea is to have a few nice maps with different suicider models for the next release. Think we can do that? I sure think we can!

We currently don’t have an release date set for 1.2. but I can say with 96.54% certainty that it won’t be released on a Monday. So sit tight and hold on to your bushes, or maybe better don’t. I don’t care.

Oh, and on a final note: If you’re interested in the development history and design choices behind Suicide Survival then check out this blog post on my personal development blog.

5 Responses to “Suicide Survival 1.2 Development Update!”

  1. Fum Says:

    Today I checked the website and downloaded the mod again. Now I check again a few hours later and there’s an update. Nice timing :)

    The first and second paragraph has typos in the first words :P

  2. Tobias Baumann Says:

    Thanks for pointing that out :)

  3. Bibi Says:

    nice news, guy !
    but why don’t you open a serveur with the 1.1 version to wait for the next release ? ;)

    that’s to be trained enough…

  4. Tobias Baumann Says:

    Because I don’t have a machine available that I can run 24/7 :(

  5. Bibi Says:

    Damn’. Do you have some tutorial or something to run a server ?
    I’d like to try (and tried it before but it doesn’t work), at least to play with friends…
    Is that possible to create a local-server ?

    thanks for all (the 1.0 version and the future versions :p) !