First playtest? Everything went better then expected

March 6th, 2013 by naughtyloose

Hello people from the internet

Here we are with another exciting update post about whats going on in the world of Suicide Survival 1.2 development. First things first: a couple of weeks ago popular Youtube star SeaNanners made a short video of him playing Suicide Survival with some friends and ever since the popularity skyrocketed. Which is pretty amazing considering the current version is 4 years old and filled with embarrassing animation errors (PS: sorry about that). None the less people love the game which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) <3 Lets not forget that around 1 million people have heard my Yalala scream which sometimes is pretty hard to wrap my mind around.

Right, onward to more serious things. We did an internal playtest of the new survival game mode couple of weeks ago and it actually went pretty well. Thanks to Derek for coding this together. The new mode turns the game into a round based game similar to Counter-Strike. Everyone starts off as a survivor. At the start of each round one or more players will be randomly selected and turned into suiciders. If you die as survivor you’ll become a suicider. The round is over if a time limit has been reached or if there are no survivors are left alive. All of this works but we’ve a few  bugs to fix and make the whole thing more pretty for you guys before we’ll release version 1.2. Hopefully this wont take too long.

The other big news is that two new brave souls joined our team. Dear internet, please meet: Roman Schmid and, Jacob aka. Darth Brush.

Roman will help us out with the code which will hopefully raise the bar on what we can get done. This is his first time working with the Source Engine but he did a few really good flash games. Hit up his website if you want to try them out. Jacob on the other hand has a lot experience working with the Source Engine. He created the really popular Left 4 Dead custom campaign “Dead before Dawn” among other works such as Portal 2 “The Core“, Half-Life 2 “Zombie Panic” and Half-Life 2 “No more room in Hell“. He agreed to make a few maps for the mod and we’re looking very forward to that and you guys should too! :)

All right, thats about it. If you’re bored why not like our Facebook-Page and maybe next time there will be cake? Also spring is coming so it might be a good idea to trim your bushes. Just saying…

8 Responses to “First playtest? Everything went better then expected”

  1. DAn Says:

    Yay an update is comming soon…….(idk why but i think i have a hunch that it will come out in spring….)

  2. Ricardo Says:

    I was playing with no problem yesterday but today i’m getting a message of invalid steam user id … and a i noticed that it is also happening with other players.

  3. Scepi Says:

    Cool, been waiting for an update a long time now. Probably going to do an update video once it’s released!

  4. naughtyloose Says:

    this is usually a steam bug.

  5. Zach Says:

    Any chance at a public alpha/beta? Or will 1.2 be for sale instead of free? Thanks!

  6. naughtyloose Says:

    Consider version 1.1. the Alpha ;) Version 1.2. will be free for everyone! :)

  7. Mecknavorz Says:

    So is there a new gamemode being added? because I really like the way the round work now (like you can be what ever side you want). but in this post you were saying something about when someone dies they become a shrub and you start out as a survivor, can i get some more info about this please?

  8. naughtyloose Says:

    Sure. Well this will be an additional “true” survival game mode meaning that if you die as survivor you’ll become a suicider until there are no survivors left. After that the whole thing restarts. The old deathmatch styled game mode will still be available so you can play which ever you like. :)